Sunday, December 5, 2010

Prism Eyes Reviews!!

"Hazy, undefined nostalgia is Reading Rainbow's stock-in-trade. And when Everton and Garcia work with rose-colored 1960s pop sounds and feisty punk 'tude, the results are wonderful."

"Now that Baltimore has finally gotten its due as a great American music town, let’s talk about Philadelphia. This is a city that, in recent history, has given us the venerable How I Got Over by The Roots and the “constant hitmaker,” Kurt Vile (not to mention Free Energy, Man Man, and a barrel of others). But now that Reading Rainbow’s debut pop masterwork Prism Eyes LP is out on HoZac, it’s officially Philadelphia’s time."

"...the simple, heart-tugging beauty of Reading Rainbow’s songwriting is what makes Prism Eyes a warm (and surprisingly discernable) stunner.",48124/

"The duo fully embraces the daintyhood perfected by twee pioneers with a bedroom-recording twist. And with just two members, the sound gets impressively big."

"There’s a slow song hidden within every fast one here, a choral elegy spliced into even the peppiest banger. Here’s what happens when you shine punk rock energy through a prism, and it breaks into a million different colors."

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