Monday, September 27, 2010


So this Wednesday we will be playing at the ICA here in Philly. (for you weirdo freaks who have never been there, it's in West Philly across from Urban Outfitters)

"An expansive evening with art and music. Get a snapshot view of art today from ICA Senior Curator Ingrid Schaffner’s annual lecture “What is Contemporary?” Bring a T-shirt to screenprint with designs by Philadelphia-based design company Print Liberation. Music by guitar and drum duo Reading Rainbow. Enjoy some Mexican fare and cupcakes provided by Buttercream Philadelphia."

We are really excited to finally be playing at a legit art space like this!

things to remember:

- Everything starts at 6:30 and HAS to be over by 9:30!
- Bring a t-shirt to get screenprinted while you watch us play
- It's gonna be outside so check the forecast
- Get ready to trip some balls because our good friend Aaron will be doing video feedback projections on us while we play!

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  1. I'm trying to find a copy of the student paper; Rob says there's photos of the ICA show in it!