Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Listen to our new song "Dead End" that we did for our secret split 7" with SUPER WILD HORSES for the HoZac Hook up Klub!!

Sadly you can only get copies if you were a Hook up Klub Round 2 member - BUT we should have these for sale on tour in September!


- Recorded before Al joined the band, but the guitar feedback in the beginning and end of the song includes Al wailing on guitar. (Al also recorded this song for us)

- Feedback at beginning and end of the track also includes Rob wailing on guitar as well as SARAH* wailing. (*look for more Sarah guitar playing in future)

Here's the lyrics!:

We try - to hide
More is taken away
Stuck inside - no time
to enjoy the day

I know when I sleep
At night I can keep
- my dreams alive

Close my eyes and there's nothing to see
Can't believe what has happened to me
I feel nothing
I feel nothing

I know when I sleep
At night I can keep
- my dreams alive

No one could ever see
how much it all means to me
But I'll keep it all to myself
I keep it all to myself

My heart slowly beats

Reading Rainbow - Dead End by RRPhilly

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We are currently shooting a music video all this week, and are filming part of the footage on Pixelvison! Pixelvision is a toy camera made by Fisher Price in the '80's that films onto cassette tape. A mutual friend gave Al his camera that he could never get to work - but our lovely director Taryn Jones figured out how to hook it up to record directly onto VHS cassette! It rules and makes everything look like a living photocopy!

Above is a siiiick video made using Pixelvision here in Philly in 1991 of FUGAZI at WKDU!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

this song rules!

amazing song - plus this girl looks like a long lost '80's preteen sister of mine. freaky.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Black Cab Sesh Documentary

Black Cab Sessions USA from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo.

Black Cab Sessions came to America last year and shot a ton of footage in different cities and made this legit as shit looking documentary. We were lucky enough to be included and we can't wait to see this!!