Monday, August 30, 2010

so much internet presence

We have a BANDCAMP PAGE now!!!

Also, here's an interview we did about food we eat. It clearly demonstrates what nerdy/strange paradoxes we really are: health food freaks who love eating burgers! hey man, don't label us. we're complex.

ANYWAY, aside from our current Sonic Youth obsession, we've been listening to a lot of Theoretical Girls and Beat Happening.

The video effects are incredible^^^^

Sunday, August 22, 2010

no internets

We've had no reliable internet for a couple weeks now, hence the lack of updates! (what happens when you steal wifi)


- finished recording new song for split with Coasting on Atelier Ciseaux!
- Shot video for the same song yesterday!

Both the split and our HoZac Hookup Klub 7" should be out some time this fall. Also in the works is an E.P. for Yeti Magazine!

Reading Rainbow performs at Live at the Pyramid, 8/14/10 from on Vimeo.

Us playing "Must be Dreaming" (from our upcoming album Prism Eyes!) Live at The Pyramids in Brooklyn last week courtesy of Bleary Eyed Brooklyn

Reading Rainbow performs New Safety with Eternal Summers at Live at the Pyramids from on Vimeo.

Playin with Eternal Summers on taaammmboooo.